Responsibility for Collection Development

Final authority for the determination of policy in the development of Library collections is vested in the Library Director and the Supervising Librarian for Patron Services. Responsibility for selection, withdrawal of materials, and control of expenditures rests with Branch Managers, who operate within the framework of the administration policy and contribute to its formation and revision.


The Headquarters Library is an information center supporting the Library's Branches. As the repository for a large backup collection of educational and recreational materials, it holds a selection of resources for all ages, in various media formats. The Headquarters Library also serves as the local library for Lawrence Township, and maintains a current collection of popular materials which reflect that community's needs and interests.


Each branch maintains a current collection of fiction and non-fiction titles that reflects the needs and interests of its community. The collections include adult, young adult and juvenile materials, representative collections of audiovisual materials, basic reference tools, and a selection of popular periodicals. Branch collections are not intended to be all-inclusive in coverage.