Public Inquiries Concerning Book Collections

Requests and recommendations by patrons are welcome. Any request for a specific title will be given consideration. Any title receiving four or more patron requests will be considered for purchase. If the requested material is not purchased, the library will attempt to obtain it through interlibrary loan. If a requested item is purchased, additional copies for the system will, in general, be acquired at the rate of one copy per six patron reserves.

The library is committed to the encouragement and protection of the free flow of information and ideas, and to the right of free access to information for all individuals. It subscribes to the principles outlined in the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read Statement, and the Freedom to View Statement.

Library materials are intended for a heterogeneous population with various tastes and needs. The choice of materials by users is an individual matter. Responsibility for the children and adolescents reading choices rests with their parents or legal guardians.

Requests for Reevaluation

Any patron may request that the library review a selection or withdrawal decision. Those who wish reconsideration of a specific title must fully complete the attached Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form. The request will then be referred to a Materials Reevaluation Committee, consisting of 2 professional staff members and a Commission Member.

The Commission Member serving on the Materials Reevaluation Committee will be appointed at the reorganization meeting by the Commission President to serve for one year.

Alphabetical rosters of Professional Librarians (other than Youth Services Librarians) and Youth Services Librarians will be maintained. The librarians serving on the Reevaluation Committee will be selected from these lists on a rotating basis.

If the material in question is intended for use by children, then one Committee Member will be selected from the Youth Services roster. If it is an adult item two librarians will be selected from the Professional Librarians roster. The individual is not required to participate.

Appeal of Reevaluation Committee Decision

If the individual requesting reevaluation of an item is not satisfied with the decision of the Reevaluation Committee, they may appeal the decision by forwarding a letter to the President of the Mercer County Library Commission stating the basis of the appeal and enclosing a copy of the original request for reconsideration form and a copy of the reevaluation committee's report. A reevaluation committee appeal will appear as a separate agenda item within the next two Commission Meetings. The Commission will make a decision based on consideration of the collection development policy, public comment heard at the Commission Meeting and such other resources as the Commission may wish to consult. The findings and decision of the Commission will be published as part of the minutes of the meeting at which the appeal was heard.