23. Bulletin Boards

The bulletin boards located in the entrance ways or vestibules of the library entrance are meant to serve as a source of community and local information for patrons. The Mercer County Library System reserves the right to screen materials submitted for posting on the bulletin boards.

Materials may be posted providing the following:

  • The item is not an unattended petition
  • The item does not promote illegal activity
  • Legal announcements are acceptable
  • The item does not require a disproportionate amount of space
  • The item is considered to meet general standards of good taste
  • The library may limit the length of time any item is to be displayed
  • County, municipal agencies and civic associations will receive priority when space is limited
  • The item must be initialed and dated by a library staff member. Initialing in no way implies endorsement of posting

Inside display of materials is reserved for library, county, state, municipal or related non-profit associations. No other material is accepted for inside display, including collection or donation receptacles.

Displaying and/or distributing material does not in any way signify an endorsement by the library of either the contents of the literature or of the organization from which it comes.