21. Exhibits

As an educational, cultural and informational institution, the library provides space for exhibits initiated by the library or requested by a community group or individual (see Attachment D).

The Branch Manager or their designee in those locations where space permits coordinates exhibits. The library is not responsible for loss or damage to any property and does not provide insurance for any exhibit or display in the library. The owner assumes sole responsibility.

The library reserves the right for approval of materials on display. Prices or price lists and biographical information about the artist or owner may be distributed, however, sales of materials are strictly prohibited in the library. A commercial company may exhibit as long as the primary purpose of the display is aesthetic, informational and/or educational and not of a promotional nature for the company.

The walls of the community rooms and library may be used for displaying artwork wherever feasible, however, no holes are to be made in the walls of either. Exhibits may be displayed for the maximum period of one calendar month unless the Branch Manager or their designee has approved an extended period.

Materials may be accepted for display as long as they do not advocate any political action or promote religious views. Displaying or distributing material does not in any way signify an endorsement by the library of either the content of the display, literature or the organization from which it comes. Mercer County Library System does not advocate or endorse the viewpoints of exhibits or exhibitors. All exhibitors must provide a description of their exhibit or display to be placed near or on the display in view of the public.

Organizations or individuals not related to the library are not permitted to solicit donations from patrons through receptacles or any other means.

(Revised by County Legal Department, 02/2014)