Sheet Music Collection

Sheet music is available online upon request, at our Lawrence Headquarters Branch Reference Desk, and on our non-fiction shelves in most of our branches.

Publication Dates

Below are the dates of the song records that we have available. It is including, but not limited to, this list.
  • Earliest year: 1757
  • 1900 to 2000 consecutively
  • 2002 to 2014 consecutively
  • Most recent year: 2014

Finding A Song

While some sheet music can be accessed through the library catalog, Lawrence Headquarters Branch has a large collection that is not accessible through the catalog. You can request sheet music from this collection in two ways:


Ask for help at the Lawrence Headquarters Branch Reference Desk. They will be able to find what you are looking for or guide you to our collection of sheet music. This collection is organized chronologically by publication date and then alphabetically by anthology title.


Below is a form that will be sent to one of our reference librarians at Lawrence Headquarters Branch. They will be able to locate the song if we have it in the collection and let you know. If we have it, you will be able to come in to the library to retrieve it.

(i.e. The Sound of Music, Titanic, West Side Story, etc.)
(i.e. Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Bing Crosby, etc.)
(1880 to present)
(i.e. pop, classical, musicals, soundtracks, holiday music, folk, jazz, religious, etc.)
(i.e. piano, vocal, guitar, ukulele, etc.)