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Curriculum Resource Center

Curriculum Resource Center gives teachers fast access to thousands of easily reproduced handouts to supplement text and lesson plans used in middle school, high school, and junior college classrooms. This expansive collection of maps, full-color diagrams, images, experiments, timelines, and other visual educational resources is conveniently arranged. Each handout can be saved, emailed, printed, or distributed for educational purposes. “How to Cite” guidance includes examples of full citations in MLA, 7th Edition; Chicago Manual of Style; and APA styles.

Academic Search Premier

Scholarly Resource Providing Full-Text, Academic Journals Covering the Major Areas of Academic Research This resource was designed for the premier researcher, rich with the most valuable, comprehensive multidisciplinary content available. As a leading scholarly database, it provides access to acclaimed full-text journals, magazines, and other valuable resources.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Comprised of: Biography: Contemporary Black Biography; Contemporary Musicians; Newsmakers 2010 Cumulation, 2010; Business: Business Plans Handbook; Education: College Bluebook, 2011 & 2012; Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans: A Guide to Education-Related Financial Aid Programs for Students and Professionals, 2011 & 2012 eds.; Environment: American Museum of Natural History Birds of North America: Eastern region, 2011; General Reference: Digital Photography Essentials, 2011; Essential World Atlas, 2


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