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Access to about 15 million songs and over 40,000 music videos. Unlimited song steaming 24/7 until the end of 2020.

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Author Spotlight: Tessa Hadley

Over five novels and two collections of stories Tessa Hadley has earned a reputation as a fiction writer of remarkable gifts, and been compared with Elizabeth Bowen and Alice Munro. Best known for her forensically close observations of modern family life, she writes character-driven novels peppered with authentic, complex and flawed individuals caught in the undercurrents that lie hidden inside familial relationships.

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Halloween Prank: Horror Comedy Movie Suggestions

October 27, 2020 - 2:30pm

I was seven years old. My mom came in for our nightly chat before bedtime. We talked about my day at school and how my third-grade teacher wanted us to write poetry - a whole book full of more glitter, crayon, and the woes of elementary school than actual poetry. My mom had instructed me to close my eyes as we recited our prayers, said thanks for a good day, and asked for another one. I remember that it was an especially dark night and late into October, with Halloween right around the corner. My mom’s shadow then moved along the wall as she kissed me goodnight, turned off the light, and left... View the post.

Create an Outdoor Book-themed Library Path with Bricks and Paint

October 23, 2020 - 2:30pm

At our Library, we’ve been trying to creatively engage with our patrons in new ways due to the changes and challenges for service that have occurred in 2020. Youth librarians, educators, parents, camps, and other institutions that are involved in lifelong learning are likely familiar with indoor and outdoor paths that can be created with stickers, chalk, paint, artwork, signs, and physical structures. You may have seen some of these spring up with a flourish around your neighborhood during the quarantine. Activity and sensory paths, formal story walks and even window displays can be fun means... View the post.