Community Room Policy

Please be aware that your Meeting Room Reservation is only a request to reserve a room. It is not an online reservation system. After submitting a request form (for the Lawrence Branch; or one of the other Branches (which you must print out and submit to the Branch, either in person, by mail or by fax)), you must receive verbal or emailed confirmation from the Branch indicating that the room you have requested has been reserved for your group. Without a verbal or emailed confirmation you should not assume that this request has been approved and that the room has been reserved.

The Mercer County Library System provides community rooms for the use of eligible groups to hold meetings for the purpose of conducting business or otherwise serving their membership. The use of these rooms is considered a public service, and as such are subject to the following rules and regulations.


The community rooms of the Mercer County Library System are available without charge, to civic associations, study, recreational, social, cultural, or other nonprofit community groups. Priority will be given to library sponsored programs; organizations must not be in violation of any Federal, State or local law. (See Community Room Registration Form (Lawrence Branch) and Community Room Registration Form (Other Branches).)

Supervision of Children:

  • Meetings that are primarily for children must include at least one responsible adult for every 15 children in attendance. Reservation for the room must be done by an adult.

Promotion and Advertisement:

  • Any advertisement must be reviewed by the Branch Manager or designee before publication
  • Promotional material must state that permission to use the community rooms does not imply library sponsorship or endorsement of any group or program

Condition of the Room:

  • The authorized representative is responsible for the condition of the community room. It should be left clean, neat, chairs replaced on racks, lights off and doors locked if so directed.


  • Scheduling will be arranged with the Branch manager or designee by an authorized representative of the organization. The representative is required to complete a registration form and sign a statement of responsibility.
  • Access to the community room is not available prior to opening of the building in the morning.
  • Simple refreshments may be served in the outside community rooms only.
  • The library is not able to store or provide supplies for any group.
  • The library is not responsible for loss or damage to any group’s property or injury to any person occurring during use of the community room. Damage to library property is the responsibility of the authorized representative.


  • Fund-raising projects (non-library sponsored) and commercial profit making ventures may not be conducted.
  • Private parties (birthdays, showers) are also examples of activities that are not eligible for community room use.
  • Fees may not be charged. Meetings must be free and open to the public.
  • Contributions may not be solicited.
  • Alcoholic beverages or drugs are not permitted
  • Activities that disturb other library patrons will not be tolerated and will result in termination of the meeting by the Branch Manager.


  • Failure to comply with any of the conditions stated above will result in the denial of future use of the community rooms.
  • Failure to show up for consecutive scheduled meetings will result in denial of future use.


Simple refreshments is defined as beverages and snacks. Cooking facilities are not available.

Revised 5/2014

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