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Governor: Chris Christie (R)

The Legislature


President: Stephen M. Sweeney (D) (District 3)

Majority Leader/Conference Leader: Loretta Weinberg (D) (District 37)

President Pro Tempore: Nia H. Gill (D) (District 34)

Deputy Majority Leader: Paul A. Sarlo (D) (District 36)

Assistant Majority Leaders: Linda Greenstein (District 14); Donald Norcross (District 5); M. Teresa Ruiz (District 29)

Majority Whip: Sandra B. Cunningham (D) (District 31)

Minority Leader: Thomas H. Kean Jr. (R) (District 21)

Deputy Minority Leader: Diane B. Allen (R) (District 7)

Conference Leader: Robert W. Singer (R) (District 30)

Deputy Conference Leader: Jennier Beck (R) (District 11)

Minority Whip: Scott T. Rumana (R) (District 40)

Republican Budget Officer: Anthony R. Bucco (R) (District 25)

Secretary of the Senate: Jennifer A. McQuaid


Speaker: Vincent Prieto (D) (District 32)

Majority Leader: Louis D. Greenwald (D) (District 6)

Speaker Pro Tempore: Jerry Green (D) (District 22)

Majority  Conference Leader: Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) (District 15)

Deputy Speakers: John J. Burzichelli (District 3); Upendra J.Chivukula (District 17); Patrick J. Diegnan (District 18); Gordon Johnson (District 37); Pamela Lampitt (District 6); Gary S. Schaer (District 36); L. Grace Spencer (District 29); Shavonda E. Sumpter (District 35); John Wisniewski (District 19)

Minority Leader: Jon M. Bramnick (R) (District 21)

Minority Conference Leader: David P. Rible (R) (District 30)

Clerk: Dana M. Burley

Supreme Court:

Chief Justice: Stuart Rabner

Justices: Jaynee LaVecchia; Barry T. Albin; Anne M. Patterson; Faustino J. Fernandez-Vina; Judge Mary Catherine Cuff; Judge Ariel A. Rodríguez

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