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Guide To Mercer County Officials

Mercer County Home Page 

County Executive: Brian M. Hughes, 609-989-6518

Chief of Staff: Kelvin Ganges, 609-989-6516

County Administrator: Andrew A. Mair, 609-989-6502

County Counsel: Arthur R. Sypek, Jr., 609-989-6511


Samuel T. Frisby, Chair 609-989-6557

Pasquale "Pat" Colavita, Jr., 609-989-6980

John A. Cimino, 609-989-6961

Andrew Koontz, 609-989-6627

Ann M. Cannon, 609-989-6560

Anthony P. Carabelli, 609-989-6625

Lucylle R.S. Walter, 609-989-6659

County Clerk: Paula Sollami-Covello, 609-989-6464

Prosecutor: Joseph L. Bocchini, Jr., 609-989-6309

Sheriff: John A. Kemler, 609-989-6125

Surrogate: Diane Gerofsky, 609-989-6331

Clerk to the Board: Jerlene H. Worthy, 609-989-6584

Human Services: Marygrace Billek, 609-989-6526

Transportation & Infrastructure: Aaron T. Watson, 609-989-6629

Park Commission: Kevin B. Bannon, 609-303-0700

Board of Social Services: Vincent DiDonato, Chair
Phone No: (609) 989-4320 or 1-800-564-1595
Complaint Line: (609) 989-4400

Inspector General: Robert A. Farkas, 278-8084

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